I have not been a strong supporter of HIllary Clinton.

Point of fact, I desperately wanted online trading platforms Senator Bernie Sanders as our nominee in 2016.

I’ve had numerous issues with Hillary Clinton on policy over the decades, and never felt like I was comfortable with her as an elected official.

I thought I’d never be able to get on board with the 2016 Clinton campaign.

I still can’t bring myself to read the best trading platform in nigeria Hillary Views and News posts.

I was not feeling confident or happy one iota about this week’s Convention events.

But as I watched today’s events, like the moment when Senator Sanders watched his brother cast a ballot for him from Democrats Abroad and spoke of their late parents, and as the Mothers of the BLM Movement took the stage and Sybrina Fulton spoke of her son, Trayvon? 

Something changed for me. As I watched online trading platform speaker after speaker refer to this historic day it brought out a feeling in me that I never thought to have about Hillary Clinton. I got weepy-eyed and felt the pride of Sisterhood in her accomplishment. 

When she says things like this, you can hear in her voice she means it:

Angie4Congress WA-03

"I may become the first  President, but one of you is next." -- @HillaryClinton to all the girls and women of America 

So here’s to our nominee for President of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton. #GlassCeiling breaker of historic proportions. She’s made it into the history books already, by just being the nominee. But what do you say, we help her make it onto another page, by shattering that final barrier, by winning the White House in November. 

No matter what path you trod in this campaign, no matter where you started or who you were pulling for, in the end, let us stand #StrongerTogether and help Hillary kick Donald Trump’s ass right back into the gutter where he belongs this November 8th!

One great way to take the first step in accomplishing that?

Go to www.Democrats.org and sign up to help Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine win in November right on their front page.

Screenshot of the homepage of www.democrats.org, the online home of the national Democratic Party.


Click the TAKE ACTION button on the top of the page and choose VOLUNTEER and get to this page, where you can sign up to help candidates in YOUR LOCAL AREA:

Page at www.democrats.org to Volunteer to help local races in your area.


Or you can go to your local County Democratic Party this coming week and ask where you can help.

You can start here: Washington State Democratic Party -- County Parties

 From there you should look for a TAKE ACTION or GET LOCAL link to help you reach your own County Democratic Party.

I guarantee you, they will have campaigns out there just waiting to hear from you! An hour a week, a weekend a month or three shifts every week — whatever you can do will be appreciated and helpful.

Remember — it won’t be enough to just win the White House. We need to shift the paradigm and put Democrats in seats currently held by Republicans in the US Congress and in statehouses across the nation. We can do it by working #StrongerTogether for all of our candidates!



Our primary election is this coming Tuesday, August 2nd.

If you live in the 3rd Congressional District of Washington State you already have your ballot in the mail or more likely, on your table.

I ask for your vote and promise you that my only job will be to improve the lives of my fellow citizens here in southwest Washington State.



#StrongerTogether for a better future for OUR posterity!


Campaign website for Angela Marx
Democratic Party candidate for the United States House of Representatives
3rd Congressional District in the State of Washington.